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Welcome to Langi Kal Kal Angus

Langi Kal Kal Angus has been established since 1982 with the foundation of the herd predominantly being Lawson’s & Innesdale blood. It comprises of 260 APR registered spring calving cows, 35 annual sale bulls, PTIC annual sale heifers, replacement heifers and steers.

At Langi Kal Kal Angus, our mission is to produce leading edge genetics and breed well balanced cattle with consistency and quality.

A herd of well balanced animals

  • Excellent temperament
  • Fertile
  • Deep bodied and good length
  • Good feet
  • Tidy Udders
  • Good "doing ability" cattle
  • Positive growth for 200 and 400 days,
  • Moderate birth rate, focusing on good calving ease from good shape of shoulders

In recent years, the stud has focused heavily on artificial insemination. This has allowed the introduction of elite genetics into the herd and the stud to retain a larger number of replacement females.

It has been a positive step forward for the stud which has helped reduce the age of the herd and strengthen the genetic performance of our females.

Seed stock come from females that have strong maternal traits and carry growth and carcass merit. Our bulls are quiet, good tempered, heavy muscled and easy to work with.

To obtain sale information, visit our sales page and download a catalogue. Bulls are sold onsite through a open cry auction annually.